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In 1716 Grand Duke Cosimo III Medici issued a degree and then made an announcement establishing strict rules about harvesting grapes and limiting the area of production. It was the first example in the world of D.O.C. (Controlled Name of Origin) and, at the same, the first formal acknowledgement of Carmignano wine.


The History of Carmignano is also made up of Etruscans, wars and sieges, of which you can visit interesting remains. In the neighbourhood are ancient little churches echoing stories of friars, monks and pilgrims who took refuge there from wild beasts and bandits who prowled along those impassable paths.
And to finish in the main church of Carmignano you can admire the famous painting by Pontormo "La visitazione" with its astonishing colours.
In Carmignano (in addition to the tasty Tuscan recipes) you may savour the traditional biscuits "cantucci" and the delicious "brutti e buoni" with the good locally made "Vinsanto" wine. And above all you can taste an authentic gastronomic rarity, a special type of dried fig aromatized with anise and laurel leaves.

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